MUSIAD USA is the US representative of the global "Civil Society Organization"known as MUSIAD. An organization that seeks to serve not only the corporate and business world, but the general well-being of all of society. MUSIAD aims to provide society the pathways to exemplary education, guidance, and counseling. MUSIAD pursues it goals through its still growing 150 branches and points of contact and network of over 1000 members with the intent to adhere to its mission, even under the most adverse of conditions till the end. MUSIAD exhibits the wisdom and sensitivity to act in accordance to organizational goals all within a professional and strong groundwork.

Mission of MUSIAD USA

In a sense, MUSIAD USA is located in the capital of the world, and thus has the opportunity to develop on and promote a universally beneficial mission. A mission between Turkey and the Unitred States that would, if accomplished, served to bridge the market gap between the two nations. In an effort and in the hopes of bridging this gap MUSIAD USA offers its members a plethora of options available to them via MUSIAD's generous pull of resources and ever expanding network, including but not limited to;  
  • To add to the development of political, economic, and social interactions between Turkey and the US,
  • To boost trade between the two countries
  • To organize  Turkish-American investment entities
  • To hold meetings and Conferences that provide a platform for businessmen and entrepreneurs to share their experience and wisdom with one another
  • To provide its own members the exclusive opportunity to expand their own network and pool of resources
  • To strengthen the economic welfare of both countries
  • To understand and offer solutions to problems and roadblocks faced by Turkish-American businessmen.
  • To further develop and nurture already existing bonds and partnerships
  • To provide pathways for businessmen in Turkey seeking to make investments in the US

Requirements for Membership Application

To Apply for membership any potential candidate must:
  • Accepts MUSIAD's purpose and regulations
  • The comprehension of civil manners and rights
  • Be at least 20 years of age
  • Not to be limited by stipulative restrictions on memberships to the association
  • Be the owner, partner, or manager of a company or must be self-employed
  • Comply with the regulations set forth by the association
  • To complete and successfully submit ans application, applicant must fulfill the following criterion.
  • All forms and paperwork must be completely and properly filled out and submitted,
  • At least two (2) active MUSIAD members must sign off as a reference
Once the above criterion is met, and the application is found to be satisfactory, it will be forwarded to the Board of Directors with the stipulation that such potential members will pay a yearly membership fee of $1200 dollars to be submitted into the membership records. Upon the fulfillment of their full obligations, all members will receive right to vote and hold positions on the Board. Members may participate in  activities services available to the Association for their full personal benefit.  

Membership Annual Fee:

Annual Membership: $600
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