President Erdogan’s Latin America Tour:

MUSIAD USA President Mustafa Tuncer attended President Erdogan’s three-nation Latin America tour which included Chile, Peru and Ecuador. M. Tuncer stated “We have been neglecting this market for a long time,Latin American countries have a massive population and we need to take advantage of this situation as soon as possible.”President Mr. Tuncer had a chance to speak ministers,high-ranking government officials and business-people.A series of agreements were signed during President Erdoğan’s visit to Latin America, covering economic cooperation, technical assistance, infrastructure development and other topics. 

The trade between Turkey and Latin American countries reached almost USD 9 billion in 2014, rising 15-fold over the last 15 years. Turkey is in FTA negotiations with Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia, aiming to reach a trade volume of USD 20 billion with Latin America by 2023, the Republic’s centennial. 


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