The vision of MÜSİAD USA is to improve relationships between Turkey and the United States in trade, politics, socio-culture, and economics. To accomplish its mission, MÜSİAD USA organizes business trips, conferences, and seminars in the United States.

One of the most valuable assists of MÜSİAD-US is it being the offspring of an established association in Turkey. Cruising through various economic and political paradigms in the last four decades, MÜSİAD offers a solid presence for businessmen in Turkey and in the World that they can count on.

Being established in a new continent, in a new culture and new business environment, MÜSİAD-US will be another step in diversification of MÜSİAD family. The truthful business culture and ethics fostered ad MÜSİAD since its inception, is believed to attract its counterparts in US and in the world. Or is believed to be the common ground in its expansion.