After earning his undergraduate degree in Engineering, Berker Hazar moved to Washington, DC from Kocaeli, Turkey in 2004. While working in the mortgage industry, Berker completed his MBA at the University of the District of Colombia. He then continued his education to earn his MS from Georgetown University in 2012. He continues to pursue various professional designations.

Due to his success in the mortgage industry and entrepreneurial spirit, friends and family encouraged Berker to open the doors of Hazar Insurance in 2009. Passionate about business and finance, Berker Hazar is currently the owner and president of Hazar Insurance. Using his unique position as a Turkish American immigrant and Millennial, Berker is committed to promoting diversity, education and transparency within the insurance industry.

Because of his dynamic leadership and success as a diverse young agent in the insurance industry, Berker was asked to join the National Association of Independent Insurance Agents or Big “I” Diversity Task Force (DTF Board) in 2014. Since then, he has remained an active member of the DTF board.

In an effort to give back to diverse communities across the country, Berker became a co-founder and board member of Reyets in 2017. This application provides the ability for its users to capture potentially volatile situations and helps them to understand and navigate the legal landscape. Berker hopes that this application will empower and help diverse communities across the country.

Berker’s passion for embracing diversity within the business community has fueled his desire to promote the success of the Turkish community within the United States. This ambition led him to join MUSIAD USA. After joining MUSIAD USA, Berker was honored with the position as Washington, DC Chapter President in 2017. In addition, Berker serves as a member of the MUSIAD USA board. Berker aims to use these roles to positively serve and impact the Turkish American business community.

Berker currently resides in Washington, DC with his wife and two sons. In his free time, Berker enjoys spending time on the water.