Mustafa Albayrak was born in Istanbul and went to the University of Istanbul. He is married with 3 children and is founder and CEO of Teknik Elektrik Company (Electrical equipment marketing and technical publishing)

NGO Activities : Vice President of Sectoral Boards of Musiad (Association of Independent Industrialists), Assembly Member of ITO (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce)

Professional Experience : Mustafa Albayrak started his career in the early 1990s with marketing of electrical equipment. Later he moved to the manufacturing of the commodities that he previously traded.

He is already the publisher of “Teknik Elektrik” monthly magazine which circulates to 8000 subscribers free of charge. At the same time, he runs his electrical equipment wholesale business. Along with his professional career he also carries out significant NGO activities. He initially served as the Chairman of Energy Sectoral Board of Musiad, the leading NGO of Turkey. Later, he moved to the Department of Business Development and Sectoral Boards where he still presumes the Vice President role. He is one of the founders of Musiad/USA and still serves as the board member there.