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Who is MÜSİAD USA President Mustafa Tuncer?

Mustafa Tuncer After earning his undergraduate degree in Public Relations and Advertising, Mustafa Tuncer was a founding partner and the creative genius for Spring Advertising agency.  Following this, he worked in several companies as a sales associate, sales manager, marketing specialist etc., all the while working toward an MBA from Wilmington University.  Upon earning his Master’s degree, Mustafa worked as a Market Research Analyst for Baysal Food Company.  Finally, in 2005, he again started his own business, this time in the natural stone industry.

Mustafa is the Founder and CEO of Troy Granite Inc.  Troy Granite is the 2nd fastest growing business in the state of Delaware and the 576th fastest growing in the USA according to Inc 5000 list in 2012. Along with his duties as CEO of Troy Granite Inc., Mustafa Tuncer is also one of the co-founders and current President of MUSIAD-USA. Within his industry, Mr. Tuncer is a member of the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, West Shore Chamber of Commerce, Marble Institute of America and the International Surface Fabricators Association. Additionally, Mr. Tuncer also serves as the president of the Istanbul University Alumni Association of USA and he regularly volunteers in non-profit organization events that benefit the local community and those that seek to improve dialog between cultures. Mustafa and his wife have two daughters and one son and live in the beautiful state of Delaware.

A message from MÜSİAD USA President Mustafa Tuncer

Since its last International Fair in 2012 and a generation after its founding, MÜSİAD has expanded to the United States. On behalf of my fellow members in MÜSİAD USA, I welcome you to the 2014 MÜSİAD International Fair.

The United States is home to the world’s largest economy, and it is the fourth largest source of Turkey’s imports. Key to the long-term economic success of the United States—my home for nearly a decade—is equal opportunity. To be sure, the United States is far from perfect,

but it is called the Land of Opportunity for a reason. Heritage and personal background matter little here. Far more important are initiative, education, and responsibility. Each is a foundational element of success in business.

While the value of bilateral Turkish–U.S. trade approached $19 billion in 2013, nearly a record, the potential for deeper economic ties between the two countries is great. Turkey has long been and remains today a vital ally of the United States. The fellow NATO members lately have been cooperating to defend Turkey’s border with Syria.
In 2009, the leadership of both governments agreed to try to expand the economic dimensions of the relationship to a level proportional to the two countries’ political, military, and
security cooperation.

It is, of course, the mission of MÜSİAD USA to encourage trade, political, socio-cultural, and economic ties between Turkey and the United States. Governments naturally come and go, but strong ties among peoples can endure. In pursuit of stronger Turkish–U.S. relations, MÜSİAD USA will open an office, its second, in New York City in 2015.

We also aim in 2015 to add MÜSİAD representatives in five of America’s larger cities—Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston. Our first office is located in Washington, D.C., which will remain our headquarters.

The slogan of our 2014 International Fair—“The World is
Changeable”—is apt. Together we can change business and, thereby, change the world. We can deepen Turkey’s ties around the world and create jobs and better standards of living in the process. We owe it to our children, our communities, and ourselves to try.